Welcome to Chopsticks & Coffee, a blog with all of the ins and outs of living in China as a foreigner.

About Chopsticks & Coffee

Interested in China? Whether it’s passing curiosity or a life-long passion, you’ll find the good, the bad, and the downright weird of living there as a foreigner. While most information and blogs online feature life in the big cities of China (Shanghai or Beijing), this blog focuses on the experience of life in small-town China (Fushun, a “village” of about 1 million people, to be exact).

About the Bragg Team

Dalton & I

Dalton & I

My husband and I (the Braggs) are two very different people, with completely different perspectives. I am (you guessed it) a writer, a bookworm, and a travel addict with an optimistic outlook and an enthusiastic desire to make new friends. My husband (who can be found featured in my blog entries) is street-smart, realistic, funny-in-a-non-social-way, never afraid to take risks, and finds his passion in the ring as a professional wrestler.


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Valerie Bragg


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